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Cross Channel vs. Cross Channel: Reprint Edition (+ Bonus 360 comparisons)

Some quick notes on Cross Channel: Reprint Edition. Click pictures for larger version. Ported to Willadv. No simple tools for this, so I can’t extract the scenario and see if they changed anything. The only part I suspect to be … Continue reading

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Three weeks

34 scripts down. About 1/4 through the first sex scene.

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Two weeks

                This thing is also ludicrously big, 24.

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One week

In the break between the quiet breath of trees, separated from the outside world by a wall, one can see… uhm, the Kurosu-Signal???? 15/300+ Good pace.

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This isn’t gonna work

I’ll just have to retranslate the whole thing. Won’t take much longer than what I was doing anyway. Ten months… ugh. It’s a lot tighter than I hoped.

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Yes, yes… …starting to take shape.

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