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Week 12, three routes down

The the next two are brief compared, but the long slog of the Sendback awaits…

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W11 – Halfway mark

This is the single longest route in the VN, well over 9000 lines, but next week it should be done. Hitting the halfway mark on a first project’s got a decent enough feeling, even though the retranslation itself isn’t even … Continue reading

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Week 10, yay double digits!

(Not pictured: Saihate no Ima Full Voice Downloadable Edition) There should be only minor works like the 1-route collaborations and little else left. Which is good because that’s about it for space – and I’m storing Rewrite with the Key … Continue reading

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Week 9

Good progress this week. I also learned a few things in English and Japanese that are less than certain to leave me scarred for life, which is unusual enough to note.

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Week ∞

Slower progress due to cold, but at least I’m over a third.

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