Week 10, yay double digits!

This side is finally complete!
PC, PS2, Xbox 360 (standard and collector’s), Reprint and Materials Book




Chanter, Jintai Light Novels, Family Project fandisk (can’t fit it standing up, waaay to big)


PSP versions of Kana, Hoshizora Planet, Family Project, Saihate no Ima, Aura volumes 1-2, Shakunetsu no Kobayakawa-san, Yume Miru Kusuri and Family Project English


Kana… Okaeri! Collection Box, Hoshizora Planet Dream Box, Kana Little Sister English, and novelizations for Kana, Hoshizora Planet, Family Project and Cross Channel

(Not pictured: Saihate no Ima Full Voice Downloadable Edition)

There should be only minor works like the 1-route collaborations and little else left. Which is good because that’s about it for space – and I’m storing Rewrite with the Key collection.

Best news: PS2 version comes with a complete Drama CD transcript, which should make the translation of it that I am in no way planning to complete (after the one I’m not making at all) much easier.

…at least 14 more weeks to go.

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