Week 15

…in retrospect having the title of the blog be in moon was too much weeaboo; I switched them around.
Depending on how it goes in the coming year or so I might add a big “I love Katawa Shoujo” badge somewhere, or a few KB of swearword-filled trollposts* about how awesome dubs are**.
* no one can tell anyway
** I still won’t be listening to them

This week marked the completion of the Miki route, and being nearly done with Youko’s. Yesterday and today I got through the single hardest script in the story, Tanaka’s signature of a nasty combination of the (semi)scientific and the high-caliber troll… but more on that will have to wait.
Should be starting Sendback on Friday.

EDIT: messing about, I found a seemingly nasty hang bug due to mysterious encoding issues that I might have inadvertendly caused by being too gleeful with mass replace in files. It’s all fixed now.

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