Cross Channel translation complete

Damn there were some tough lines at the end. There is still about 1200 lines for Tower of Friends and another extra, but that’ll wait as I’m a bit tired after over five full months of morning-to-night translating. For now,


TLC and editing now begins. Hard to hypthesize how long this will take, unfortunately, especially given I’m rebuilding a lot of images to bring the PC version closer in line with the console version.
It seems I got most of the scripting commands down, and most of the editing is relatively simple, so things shouldn’t go too badly.
I seriously hope to have this ready to go before May. It’s been a year that I’ve been messing around with this VN and I really want to take a break before I continue with the main project, of which this translation is merely a secondary necessity.

Plus I wanna translate something more interesting than this dumb hypercomplex 35,000 lines troll-filled jewel about the human condition, like loli tentacle nukige with high amounts of rape.

Anyway, here’s some stats (subject to change in editing):

  • Total raw lines: 41629 (excludes choices)
  • Total lines in inaccessible scripts: 759
  • Total lines in completely duplicated scripts: 3190
  • Total duplicate lines in-script: 3124
  • Highest lines-to-dupe ratio: Kiri Sendback (1168/2356 lines are duplicates)
  • Total non-duplicate lines: 34556 (very rough estimation, excludes lines of pure ellipses and more)
  • Translator’s comments: 6544+ (particularly subject to curtailing due to spoilers – yes, even for those who’ve read it)
  • Script cross references: 544
  • Terms kept consistent: 30+
  • Lines that required splitting due to exceeding the 270 character limit per page: 20 (not counting the ones that would need to, but were saved by NVL)
  • Uguus: 4
  • References to obscure Italian 1960 movies: 2
  • References to Phantasy Star II: 1
  • References to Marathon: ?
  • Single longest uninterrupted sentence: 526 chars (plus 1 period at the end)
  • Ellipses: 12080
  • Translation notes: nope
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