Editing, Week 2

The most annoying thing in doing this mess of a graphics insertion is not just how many of the changes in the console versions are bug fixes from the PC version, but how the console version introduces new ones as well.

There’s a lot of dolls in the console version that seem to change to match lines that don’t belong to them, including dolls changing expressions to match lines that will instead be said by the silent protagonist.

I wonder if doll scripting on the console version was made off of a script that didn’t have proper character tags.

Anyway. Week 2 first editing is nearly done, and Week 1 is just about locked and in the can. It runs to the end with ~50 new images (not 50 new CGs, though, mind you), it has the single most complex new animation built and working, as well as a ton of NVL sections.

Which still crash if one attempts to read their text on the backlog. It Can’t Be Helped(tm).

Some pretty-much-final screenshots after the break. really really old screenshots that have been revised a million times removed.

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