Editing, Week 3

First things first: this patch will be for the 2003 release and not the Reprint edition. (I will not be releasing it without some sort of consent from Amaterasu, as it depends on their hacks at the very least, but I won’t waste their time before the patch is done.)

With that out of the way, on to the update.

One of the oddest things in Cross Channel is how Week 2 contains a complete duplicate of Week 1, despite 90% of the scripts being literally identical.

Or at least, technically so.

It’s very obvious translating this that it’s to go crazy trying to manage ~10+% of the text being de-facto copypasta, and it’s even more obvious carefully comparing the Week 2 duplicate scripts with the Week 1 ones: the latter are obviously the result of a later edit pass, but the duplicate scripts weren’t then brought up to date.

Some of the W2 dupe scripts have obvious bugs, as well, such as missing line feeds that causes multiple lines to erroneously appear on the same page, missing audio and more.

This is true of many scripts that contain duplicated lines, not just the ones completely duplicated; some of the copy-paste lines are not consistent with the ones in previous scripts, and in most cases it’s obvious the previous ones are the newer revisions. The later scripts sometimes contain inconsistencies, inaccuracies and flat-out errors.

This mess hasn’t been worked out in the console versions either, even setting aside the bugs they introduce on their own.
Here is what should be the exact identical same line from the exact same scene in Week 1 and Week 2 on both the PS2 and the Xbox 360 versions:


Week 1 top, Week 2 bottom

In Week 2, the background is not zoomed, and the line is at the center of the screen. The BG in particular makes me suspect Week 2 was a copy-pasta from an earlier revision, yet again! It’s particularly bizarre that this was seemingly not even given an edit in the Xbox 360 revision.

To reduce the madness, after carefully checking for differences, I had the game load many of the scripts from Week 1 instead of the Week 2 duplicates. That should cut down on the inconsistencies as well as the bugs.

The number of total scripts has also decreased from 283 to 269 268 (missed one), so it’s just less stuff to do in general.

There’s at least one curiosity left in these older scripts however.



The script on the left side is one of the duplicate scripts present in Week 2. The part circled is a leftover from when Misato was written 美里 instead of 見里. You can see the change in the line just below. On the right is a screenshot from this largely unknown trial version, released when Cross Channel was obviously far from complete, proving that this was indeed the case. Very likely her name was replaced with a mass search-replace, which of course missed this single-kanji instance.

(Incidentally, if anyone has the actual data files for that or knows where to get them, I’ll happily integrate it with the patch.)

Editing and insertion continues.

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