Editing, Week 7777777

Seven is darker.

  • There are “7/8” people at the Training Camp, according to the beginning of Week 2.
  • Nanaka is the literal question “seven?
  • According to the technology level (in the flashbacks as well) and the age of almost the entirety of the references outside of a few anachronysms, the time loop week begins on Monday September 7, 1998
  • Taichi’s Adaptation Coefficient is 84%, so he is 16% “human”, 1+6=7
  • Touko can fit about “80%, no, 70%” of Taichi’s penis into her mouth (due to the vagaries of Japanese numbering, these read as straightforwards 8 and 7).
  • Taichi spends a maximum of one hour, 27 minutes masturbating to the porn in his safe. 87 minutes, 8 and 7.
  • He spends a combined total of 152 minutes doing so, 1+5+2=8.
  • In the Sakuraba commemorative coin scene, the first series of coins displayed has 8 pieces, the second 7.
  • There are 17 coins using the 万 (ten thousand) as a counter, 1+7=8.
  • There are 7 coins using 千 (one thousand) as a counter.
  • Their total value is 1,635,000 yen. 1+6=7, 3+5=8.

And these aren’t remotely all of them.
Count held vowel sounds (the dashes).
Count the stutters (na-na-na especially).

But what does it all mean?

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