Editing, Week 12

Graphic reinsertion continuing on Kiri route (sigh…)
5/6 Sendback routes edited.

Editing should be done next Friday.

I also ripped the OST CD and encoded it for use in-game, it’s not that much of an improvement though. The Xbox 360 opening and the Reprint edition’s loop video are in. The ending video will have to wait to see if I can add lyrics, no promises.

This week, sit back and enjoy a fun infomercial!
Part useless/
and idiotic/
not a stungun/
call it, Myotron

This is both hilarious as well as obvious and complete unscientific garbage.
“Stop the hostile brain waves”? One’d have to fail an epic spot check in missing a Japanese translation of Dirac’s seminal books on quantum physics, bring him up when talking about Many Worlds Interpretation despite how he’s irrelevant to it, misattribute Nietzsche to Baudelaire, and lose his life savings in unwise speculation on Chinese Adzuki beans (long story) to fall for that crap.

But even the obvious is far too generous: read this awesome testimonial:

First I used it on my thigh while I was wearing jeans (didn’t know what to expect at that point). Press the button, crackle crackle sound, do a quick jab into my thigh and … nothing. All I felt was the pressure from the tips. So I held it against my thigh for longer. I thought I could feel something, but it was still very weak. So, emboldened, I changed into shorts and tried it directly against my skin. I could feel the electric shocks, but it wasn’t really anything close to disabling. It sort of stung a little bit, sort of like hitting yourself with a relatively light wooden dowel. Annoying and irritating, but certainly not capable of stopping any kind of determined attacker. Probably much more effective to clock someone on the head with it.

Even more hilarious commentary here.

So it’s obviously garbage. But following the typical patterns of writing in Cross Channel, the important part would therefore be how Taichi thinks that something that would theoretically block hostile impulses would work against Youko. What a suspiciously specific thing for him to believe…

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