Editing complete! Still plenty to do…

Editing pass done on Day 88
Graphic reinsertion beginning in full force.

Still to do:

  • Finish graphics reinsertion, of course
  • Translate Tower of Friends, the ending lyrics, and a small additional scenario
  • Audio/visual rebuild for ToF (now “Another Story”)
  • Copypasta reinsertion
  • Ending video subbing
  • Patch authoring
  • Patch testing
  • The main project, of which this translation was always just a byproduct.

It’s gonna be a tough 16 weeks to make the deadline, but 18:07 comes whatever happens and doesn’t wait for slackers.

Hmmm, finished on day 8-8 and have 1+6=7 weeks to go… someone has a sense of humor.

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