Finalizing, Week 4

Miki route graphics reinsertion nearing finish. There’s a lot of new stuff! This week I had to completely implement dolls in one script, which had none, as well as add over 50 new lines, including over a dozen voiced.

The Miki route is the one that’s visibly had among the least amount of care in Cross Channel. There’s several typos (one of which has been fixed in a… very creative way) and one of the lamest jokes in story, now pretty much entirely rewritten. It now involves screaming, dancing, and Kiri being a damn fascist.

Should be done tomorrow, Saturday at latest. The Youko route is the shortest, but also the one with most mutually exclusive scripts. We’ll see how that goes.

Main project has well and passed the 11500 words (quotes from the VN not yet inserted!), and I’m barely in the warmup stage.

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