Finalizing, Week 7

All main scenario graphics reinsertion complete! Gave a quick test (on fast forwards) and fixed the 1-2 obvious bugs, the main scenario works from start to end.
Currently 225 new graphics (many are zooms however), 3 new SFX, 105 new spoken lines, plus those in the extra scenarios.

Deus Ex Chaos is already rebuilt; the Rooftop scenario is getting final touches – I heavily edited it and added a few surprises. Should be starting on rebuilding Another Story tomorrow, then final check.

Now starting chapter 5 of the main project, where the heart of the character analysis starts. Ugh, there’s so much to do still…

Edit: found the missing background (and music cue) from the Deus Ex Chaos trial. Turns out they shipped with the trial.
Also found the voice files. Turns out they shipped with the final game. Arrrrrrgggghhh… well it’s 2Mb off the final size.

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