Been a year already?

How time flies. Random notes:

  • Tried a little of Cross Channel on PS3. Interesting early draft material in the extra booklet; the story had to feature a much more explicit God figure instead of Nanaka’s relatively oblique referral, originally.
    It still looks awful on TV, the new opening is hilariously bad with its random stock footage, and the lip syncing for all dolls (new for this version) is ugly beyond description. It’s like they set the flaps to minimum sensitivity, so the mouths barely move at all. And nice job having all the dolls flap simultaneously on that part of the beach scene where there’s three speaking together. Splitting the audio file was too complex despite the three voices being clearly separate in there, huh?
  • New PC edition is in transit, stand by. Let’s see if they fixed that damn nighttime school gate BG for once.
  • Gene Wolfe. Forget Tolkien and Lewis and all those, this is who Tanaka is inspired by first and foremost! If you’re starving for more highly written, complex, deep stories with unreliable narrators, relatively little hook, but still the same religious bias as Romeo Tanaka, you know who to look up.
  • Most importantly, I’ve been busy translating. Project 2, Hanahira!, is translated and edited and handed off for finalizing. Project 3A (~10k lines) is translated and edited, Project 3B (~36k lines) is translated and in editing, Project 3C (~12k lines) is planned to start early next year. Should have something next Spring/early Summer. This stuff is going to be a blast of the So Bad It’s Good kind… provided the editing doesn’t kill me first, because it’s bad. Enough that I may never do an all-ages VN ever again.
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