Commentary: Hanahira!

Doesn’t exactly rate much more than a few paragraphs, really.

The VN does have a couple of funny lines or so, but otherwise it’s poorly written, poorly edited, incredibly cheap, and generally screams its being a cash-in from the rooftops. It’s a textbook example of hack writing.

And the VN is still better than the light novel, which is so badly written it’s borderline unreadable, particularly at the beginning.
Who thought it was a good idea to make it a series of disjointed lines like it were a transcribed VN? Or make the narrator a third-person person despite not being one in the VN? There’s also casual cheerful light-hearted mind rape via hypnosis. All ages!

The stories themselves are so fake, so manufactured, so forced, so devoid of anything remotely resembling a point or a soul that even their sugar tastes like plastic.

And it didn’t even have sex scenes! What a waste.

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