Project 3: TalesTune release

…it’s still 2016 some six light months away, right? *cough* anyway.

This is a translation of (most of) the releases by TalesTune up to 2016.

  • Seven main VNs with a total of sixteen individual stories, plus four minor side stories originally released separately and now integrated with their main VNs.
  • Two fandiscs with a total of six individual stories (graphics are iPad only, jailbreak required).
  • One 330 page manga.
  • A book plus full translation commentary.


  • The Harvest December translation is an original fan translation and has nothing to do with the official 3DS release. Please support any and all official releases.
  • The translation of Harvest December and Carnival are based on the iOS re-releases. These re-edits contain substantial changes from the original PC releases. There may have been further scripting and visual changes in the 3DS version of Harvest December, but they will not apply here.
  • The titles that DLSite uses are not very consistent. You will see the DLSite title between parenthesis next to the link.
  • DLSite also sells OLDER VERSIONS of Carnival and Harvest December: Winter that LACK PART OF THE CONTENT and ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with the patches. BE CAREFUL of what you purchase.
  • The links in this post (and in the readmes) are generic and the translator gets nothing whatsoever for clicks. Support the original developers!

Carnival of the Sacred Duels
Download patch
DLSite purchase link (carnival Cage fighting,Rage beauties)

  • Contains Carnival Day and Carnival Eve.
  • It is recommended to read at least Carnival Day, the first of two stories, before Harvest December.

Harvest December: Winter
Download patch
DLSite purchase link (Harvest December -Winter-)

Harvest December: Spring
Download patch
DLSite purchase link (Harvest December -Spring-)

Harvest December: Summer
Download patch
DLSite purchase link (harvest december series 3)

Harvest December: Autumn
Download patch
DLSite purchase link (Hervest December – Autumn)

Perfect December
Download patch
DLSite purchase link (Harvest December)

  • The reading order is Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Perfect.
  • Perfect December contains three additional side stories unlocked after reading the main story.
  • Please note that the installation procedure for Perfect December is slightly different from that of other TalesTune VNs. Running the wrong executable may result in the deletion of the unpacked files!

Harvest December: Periphery December 1 – Winter
Download patch
AppShopper link

Harvest December: Periphery December 2 – White
Download patch
AppShopper link

  • These translations are for iDevices only. Graphics are compatible only with iPad-size devices due to lacking any iPhone device for testing.
  • Word wrapping issues are present due to the engine’s, ahem, creative interpretation of the matter.

Harvest December: The Manga
Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be readily available in the West, as the iTunes version requires a Japanese account. Please support any and all official releases.

  • Unlike the normal manga release, the first chapter of the translation is in color as found in another (official) source.

Ludesia: Spidering and Scraping
Download patch
DLSite purchase link (LUDESIA Spidering with Scraping)

  • Contains a translation of the five issues of the Hush-Hush Realtime Column in a separate folder. These can be read even before the main story.
  • Contains an additional side story unlocked after reading the main story.
  • Contains a translation of the partial updated iOS re-release, unlocked after reading the main story. Unlike with the other VNs there was no full updated release of Ludesia on iOS, only a partial one containing the first few scenes. This partial version was removed from the iTunes store due to compatibility issues with later iOS releases and is currently unavailable for purchase.
  • Couldn’t find the lyrics so the opening movie is not subtitled, sorry.

The Two Calls of Takeda
There’s nothing in any of these works that should be worth a book. There’s no concealed enigma here. What is there is a nightmarish mess of contradictions, miswritings, plot holes and bizarre nonsense that if anything proves that being All Ages does not prevent a VN from attempting to shatter the minds of its readers with physics-defying insanity. There’s plenty to make fun of and plenty of fun done to it.

But the mess is not due to mere incompetence. Far from it, it comes from a true, deep, utterly human issue: a question that pits God on one side and Man, or at least what should be a woman, on the other. It’s a question that runs beneath all these otherwise disparate stories and that even derails them, so much it gnaws at their author’s soul.

The author gives an answer, but it’s worse than opinably wrong: it’s an impossible non-answer that contradicts even the question. Though given out of an understandable fear, it’s keeping that false non-answer alive that ultimately destroys these ‘verses, not just the writer’s incompetence.

But it’s also a lie that tells a much more interesting story than any he’s written.

This book is not recommended to the easily triggered. (PDF, ePub, 153k words)

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