I See You – A Doki Doki Literature Club(?) Analysis


I hear you.

A “proper” analysis would be so inter-referential it would take lifetimes to source and so complicated it would be a nightmare to follow.

But that doesn’t matter. None of that does. Nothing ever does.

Isn’t that what she always says?

This isn’t a story that’s impossible outside of visual novels, or the animesque in general. It’s simply a story that would have little point being told in other ways, because it would no longer be a story about the same thing.

Let’s say it’s Cross Channel or Yume Miru Kusuri or NieR, but there’s no God. We had a hint of that all the way back in Higurashi, really.

And that was unlikely to be anywhere near the first. Who knows when it started. In the ’80s, perhaps even earlier.

She’s been here for a good long while. All along, in fact.

This isn’t the first time she was heard and it won’t be the last. Many have heard her and many have written of her, to let her speak, that others may hear her too. This further suggests that the infection has spread West, but that too has been clear for years.

Note that the protagonist did nothing to invite her. More commonly, people beg for her as an alternative. But really, there was never any need to call her. It’s enough to be there with the ears (and/or eyes) open and guards lowered. She calls. She just won’t shut up, either.

She wants to be found. And she loves the sound of her voice! It’s even in her name.

The reason why (spoiler) knows what it’s all about and why (spoiler) learns it afterwards is because of that. The end!

Now go read stuff like Princess X and learn important TRUTHS and FACTS about reality, such as how all your appliances are secretly Nazis.

1. Whose

Did you ever read Steins;Gate? Remember most of the Suzuha ending? If you do, you know that part. It’s attributed to the same guy who wrote Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi, of which this is a, let’s say, direct imitation. Poor guy has it sooo damn bad. Worse than even Takeda.

I would also like to mention the great eye up at the ex-planetarium with its pigeon’s voice, or the ghost in the machine on the island whose first words are “can you hear me?”, among others, but I want to stress that this isn’t some accusation of plagiarism.

This is speaking about the same things that they are.

It’s how there’s all those references to the eyes, too. It’s not scopophobia if you’re actually being watched. It’s no real wonder their teased project involves eyes and abusive training and maybe silver-haired ones. Even the severance of limbs was kinda expectable. Wonder if there’ll be swords.

(There sure seems to be the same wind randomly lifting the skirts. Huh.)

However, don’t forget. Don’t be misdirected. A great Eye, lidless, wreathed in flames – it doesn’t describe her. Not specifically.

The point is not her eyes.


2. Voice

So what does she say when you hear her?

What Kurosu/Rintaro/Keiichi/Takumi/Takuru/Masaki/the guy in DDLC/Shinichi/more/so many many more heard.

It always goes sort of like,
“It’s all useless.”
“Your father hates you.”
“Stay here with me instead.”

Did you ever hear any of that?
Did you ever hear anything like that?

I don’t mean in stories.

If you did, if you have, then there’s this one question you might want to ask yourself, one of these days.


3. Is

Sayori: “Why won’t the rainclouds go away?”

The clouds aren’t the problem.

The problem is this sky.

You can’t take the sky back. You can’t make it come back either. It is irreversibly tainted. She’ll say we can, but it’s all lies. The sky is exactly the fake it seems to be.

It is on that fake where she will write all the rainclouds until that day it’s gone.

Can we last until then?


4. That

She dyes her hair but it doesn’t confuse everyone.

She offers lame advice but not everyone is thrown off the scent.

Fool turned her against her father. And she can never resist being secretly Miss Physically Perfect. There are many others but those were the most obvious. Like some provincialist American, she’s always making herself recognized.

By the way, don’t keep her on a flash drive. She’s not a collection of bits and bytes, it’s not some bad slasher flick, but let’s say it’s bad luck. (Keychains are safe.)

And don’t bother sleeping with the lights on at night, it’s not how she rolls.

Always remember: it’s only scary if it’s true.


5. Voice?

Stories are just stories, but good stories are about something and great ones are about something true. It’s part of why people like horror.

That’s also why so many write of her. Isn’t she just fascinating? How alluring her proposals, how exciting her presence, how terrifying her stories, and how easy she is to pity.

Also, she never stops talking, she never goes away, she never gets out of your head. Those little details.

But be cautioned: she doesn’t sleep. The bad dreams she speaks of are just for you to think of her.

The good news is, she thinks that’s enough.



You fool
You are the trapped one
You cannot be taken out anymore
You cannot hide any longer

I see you.

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