Chaos;Child: Love Chu☆Chu video translation release v1.1

* Added bonus opening song music video (NOTE: webrip quality)
* Tweaked lyrics
* Unfixed a non-typo in the Common Route
* Tweaked the Translator’s Notes
* Mothballed most of the analysis due to the 2027 Problem.
Original post follows…

And now, the best thing by far to come out of Chaos;Child, as well as the most important Sci-Adv VN for understanding the connection between Gigalomania and time travel.
There’s also a decent character route or so in there, I guess. MKV softsub (for download) hardsub mirror (includes streaming player – note that I have no control on the preview image, so it may contain spoilers)
Bitchute playlist (lower quality)

In-game glossary (PDF)
Translator’s Notes (PDF)
Collector’s Edition bonus contents [NSFW]

Runtime: ~25 hours (~16000 lines)
MKV total size: ~15Gb

The softsubs have only been tested with MPC-HC, and worked off of a fresh install without needing any other plugin.

If they just won’t work, the hardsubs can be downloaded as well as streamed. The larger MP4 files are the originals, the OGVs were automatically generated by They are poor quality, lower than BitChute, but the text is still readable.

Given how things are going these days, I strongly recommend you grab what you can while you still can.

Please support any official releases.

Non-spoiler viewing notes after the jump. Very very TL;DR: follow the file/number order and pause as needed.

(These notes are mirrored in the Translator’s Notes file.)

Viewing Notes (non-spoiler)

* Delusions are inserted into each route with positive first, then negative. Not all routes have alternate delusions.

* I usually remove the message box to show off the CGs at least for a second or so… eventually. Still putting important details in the bottom third of a CG in this day and age, seriously.

* Text speed is mostly reasonable, but easily hits 20 CPS on narration and occasionally even more in NVL segments. You may have to pause.

* There are a couple of sections in the Yui/Yuuto route where a channer board is displayed. This text scrolls unreadably fast in autoplay even in the original, so you will almost certainly have to pause. The text is split in multiple screens with clear warnings on top.

* The translation is not based on the official localization of Chaos;Child. Terms may differ. The translation contains adapted references to other Sci-Adv VNs, some of which never translated either officially or unofficially, but again none to official localizations. See specific notes (spoilers!).

* Several adaptations are based off of my models for the unreleased Chaos;Head and Chaos;Head Love Chu☆Chu translations. If you’re wondering e.g. why Erin talks like Yoda, Mio is always going METAL GEAR HUH, Hinae hisses, or there’s seemingly random movie references, the short answer is because Ir2.

* With one exception, the names in the bottom left of dialog boxes are left untouched even if their romanization is not consistent with the one used in the translation. In particular, that text uses Western name order while the translation doesn’t.

* Some NVL (full-screen text) scenes have text going under the icon indicating automatic text advancement. The “New Tips” box also goes underneath the topmost NVL line. These are both issues also present in the original version.

* The video for the opening is taken directly from the official audio CD, so the softsub at least is higher quality than the rest.
The bonus music video for the ending theme was also taken from its official audio CD, but had severe interlacing issues and horizontal bars to constrain the anamorphic ratio to 16:9. There was also a DVD-Video version, but the quality was noticeably lower.
The deinterlaced/anamorphic versions have been created via a quick Handbrake pass. An MKV including the original video is available in the softsub mirror.
The bonus music video contains no spoilers for the VN.

Viewing Order Notes (non-spoiler)

TL;DR: just follow the numeric order.

* Optionally, you can exchange any of the first four character routes with another:

  • 04. Yui/Yuuto

  • 06. Hana

  • 08. Nono

  • 10. Hinae

The Common route assumes going into Yui/Yuuto, but the difference is just two minor lines.
Serika route is always last.

* The intermissions are in a specific order. They should be viewed in that sequence regardless of which route was seen before them.

* The bad ending can be read at any point after the Common route.

* The good endings are separate because they are only accessible after the story has been completed once. Only the normal ends can be accessed until then.

* You could also skip every character route including Serika’s and just watch the prologue, common route, intermissions (in order!), and epilogue to form a “main route” of sorts. In fact, even the common route is optional in that sense.
It and the Yui/Yuuto routes at least come recommended, however.

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