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Project 3 – status as of July 1st 2016

All sub-projects translated and edited. 3A/1–3A/2 Release candidate 3B/1–3B/13 Missing op subs & final check 3B/15 Final touches 3B/14&3B/16 iOS only, need tech work (considering porting to PC, but I don’t want to distribute the data files…) 3C Release candidate … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

…but there’s still so much to do. At least six months’ worth, probably more. Back to the grind.

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Project 3C editing complete

Delayed due to witchers (now 100%’ed). But there is still so so so much left to do…

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Hanahira! translation patch release

Get it here. Also includes the Light Novel. Installation: – Buy Hanahira! here. – Be in Japanese regional settings. – Unpack the game (there’s no need to use the game’s installer). – Unpack patch in game folder. You MUST overwrite … Continue reading

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Commentary: Hanahira!

Doesn’t exactly rate much more than a few paragraphs, really.

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Project 3B editing complete

This thing. This thing nearly broke me. I don’t think I’ll be doing anything else all-ages for a long, long time after this. Ugh. On to Project 3C, image editing, and way more stuff. At this rate I’ll barely be … Continue reading

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Been a year already?

How time flies. Random notes: Tried a little of Cross Channel on PS3. Interesting early draft material in the extra booklet; the story had to feature a much more explicit God figure instead of Nanaka’s relatively oblique referral, originally. It … Continue reading

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