Writing, week 4

Last subchapter to content complete, where the last troll of the story is explained and I demonstrate how one of the big themes of the story is that lolis will tend to enact Rule by Lolita-Kings (kidding – mostly).

Revision to come next; inching dangerously close to 150k words there…

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Happy 10th Birthday Cross Channel

Time * (108/1000)

September 7 to September 14, 1998

Red oni, therefore blue oni; it’s seven days, so there’s no eight days.

A thick diary book.

If she likes sweets so much, why would she only buy vegetable juice?

Dirac has no more to do with MWI than Soron Kierkegaard wrote the Tractatus Logicus-Philosophicus or Baudelaire “God is dead”.

Eight people that come into a world that has been wiped clean in a great big wave, the only animals the ones they brought with them. Then a tower is built and everybody stops understanding each other. Where did I hear that before?

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Writing, week 3

Final chapter, and it’s a mess to present coherently given how much stuff there is and how damn complicated it all is. Of course, this means I’ll need at least a few more weeks to get this to even just content complete, let alone somewhat revised, so there’s no way I can make the deadline.

Sorry, old boy, there’s just too much stuff and I just started too late. You’ll have to give me another month or so.

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Writing, week 2

Getting nearly done with the Sakuraba penis jokes character analysis. Easy to prove one character doesn’t exist when nearly every part of the story screams it; way harder to explain why it’s been written this way. And so, soon it’ll be time for the really deep analysis – there will be Tolkien and Lewis and Dante! – so it’s gonna take at least another month or so, no trouble with the release date of next w— awww crap.

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Writing, week 1


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Translation done

All files locked, patch itself done and seems to work fine. Went from Amaterasu install -> full patch, all seems to work. I should probably test it on another computer or so, though.

Full speed on the main project at long last. 94k words and it’s not close to done.

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Final Check/Writing, Week 4

Just out of the copypasta quagmire that is the Kiri Sendback. A third of the script, and after the console revisions that remove a sizable chunk of dupes.

Couple of days left, then it’s to do something about the ED, and then just making the patch itself.

All while finishing the whole mess of the book. In less than a month. Agh.

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Final Check/Writing, Week 3

Three routes locked and barely five weeks to go.

Time is so so short.

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Final Check/Writing, Week 2

What a fantastic week to be without primary Internet connection.

Anyway, the number of scripts should be final, if nothing else. This cuts down the number of copy-paste lines to around 2,500, down from 10,000+.

Nothing but gruntwork from here on out. Onwards!

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Final Check/Writing, Week 1

The number of scripts is changing as I added the extra scenarios and consolidate some dupes, should be about the same in the end though.

Most of the progress on the monograph is from adding quotes, but it’s coming along regardless as there’s lots of stuff to add from Week 1.

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